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Why spark plug is a good business project

Spark plug is one of the vulnerable auto parts, to which hasn’t been given enough attention in many places. Only small number of vehicles got it replaced in. So there is huge potential market awaiting for.

And according to our survey most of the auto parts wholesalers and auto repair shops (including auto beauty shops and tire shops) take this product as peripheral parts. A lot of wholesalers and shops just buy and sell it, but most of them are not professional in this area.

Now let’s analysis why spark plug is a good business if we deal with it as one of your projects.

1. Small number of item model, small investment

Spark plug item model is much less than most of the other auto parts. Only two or three dozens of item models can cover 80%-90% of the vehicles. It doesn’t require you to invest a lot of time and money for this project.

2. Small size, small space

It will not take you much space to store this product. One four-layer shelf measures 140*100*40mm can have all the models in display.

3. High return

About the return, it means the profit and the market development. You’ll know the profit better than me. We all know the the competition in auto aftermarket is so much fierce, it’s not easy to develop new customers. But you can use spark plugs to establish the first connection with your customers. Even if at the first step, you won’t make money for entering the customers’ shop, you won’t loss much. We can discuss about how to operate using spark plug as your stepping stone into shops later.

But how to operate spark plug as a business project?

In my opinion, first, to choose a reliable manufacturer and brand, either your own brand or manufacturer’s. The brand product must be of stable and high quality. Your supplier must be cooperative and easy to communicate with.

When it comes to the brand, you may think about the international famous brands of spark plug, such as NGK, Bosch, Denso and Champion, etc. It’s not easy to have a direct cooperation with these big brands unless you have strong business strength. Besides, the purchase price of these brands is much higher and the sell price is transparent. You’ll get thin margin. What’s more, there are lots of copy brands and knockoffs in the market. It’s difficult to tell the true or copy.

So to choose an alternative one instead of the international famous brand is a necessary and important step. If you sell products without brand with a copy brand, it is purely trade and not good for long-term development. Nowadays most consumers are brand conscious. Trading knockoffs is illegal and dangerous. It’s very difficult to have a stable supplier, and quality can not be guaranteed.

Second, You should have a good sales model or advantages, which could make it easy for cooperation with your customers. With about 30 years’ experience in manufacturing spark plugs and deep research in auto parts market, We have created our unique spark plugs package, which turned out to be very attractive to auto repair shops. Some advertising promotion is a necessary, such as posters, small gifts, relevant tools, etc.

Third, try to persuade auto repair shops to checking spark plugs as a routine. The lifespan of cooper spark plugs is around 20,000 km, of platinum or iridium is 40,000 km under normal condition. But for vehicles with turbocharger, having spark plugs checked every 20,000 km is suggested. Use some incentives to encourage repairmen to check spark plugs, such as giving commission to them.

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