Marine spark plugs

  • CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H High Quality Grass Cutter Field Mower Spark Plug
CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H High Quality Grass Cutter Field Mower Spark Plug

CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H High Quality Grass Cutter Field Mower Spark Plug

  • Reference No.: CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H
  • Model: Chainsaw Grass Cutter
  • Thread Size: M10*12.7mm
  • Hex: 16mm
  • Product description: CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H High Quality Grass Cutter Field Mower Spark Plug
Product Description:

Product Description:

Reference No.: CMR6H CMR5H CMR7H

Thread Size: M10*12.7 mm

Hex: 16mm

Central Electrode: Nickel

Side Electrode: Nickel

Warranty: 1 year

Our factory strengths:

1.Our staff: 30 technicians, over 100 assembly workers, 8 senior management developers and 10 salesperson.

2.Production line: 10 production lines with the daily output of 100,000pieces.

3.Most comprehensive spark plug inspection system equipment in China: including raw material strength, hardness, inspection equipment, raw material fine size inspection equipment, raw material internal structure inspection equipment, anti-aging test bench, shock resistance test bench, and a series of experimental systems

4.Advanced Technology: Japanese and Korean technology, Bosch hot sealing technology for low-middle end automobiles, NGK cold sealing technology for middle-high end automobiles;

5.Wide Range: automobiles, motorcycles, generators and small machinery with over 200 models of spark plugs and different types, such as platinum spark plugs, iridium-platinum spark plugs, multi-ground electrode spark plugs, V-cut center-electrode spark plugs, surface-sparking plugs, Nickel copper spark plug, V-groove center-electrode spark plugs, etc.

6.Strict quality control system: We have executed strict quality control to every process form raw materials, semi finished products and finished products. ( ISO9001:2005, TS1649 and 6S management have passed.)The high quality standards and control has brought us so many business clients and OEM clients such as Shanghai GM, Shenyang Mitsubishi, and etc,

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8.Excellent service: offering excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. Before placing your order, professional salespeople will have smooth communication with you.When processing the order, we will keep you informed about the schedule, show you photos and videos, contact forwarder as your requirement, etc, make sure the goods are delivered to you on time.

Of 30 years’ development, our business scope has been enlarged to other auto parts such as wiper blade, brake pad, etc.


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